Tuesday, March 11, 2014

fast Interpolation on regular distorted Nd-grids in python

This post is about interpolation on a N-dimensional regular grid that is distorted. With distorted I mean that dx, dy, dz can vary. The following code works very well:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from scipy.ndimage import map_coordinates

nx_irreg, ny_irreg = 20,30
nx_reg, ny_reg = 500,500

#create irregular sampling points and data
xgrid = np.sqrt(np.linspace(0.,1.,nx_irreg))
ygrid = np.linspace(0.,1.,nx_irreg)**2
zgrid_irreg = np.outer(xgrid,ygrid)

#create regular sampling points
xcoords = np.linspace(0.,1.,nx_reg)
ycoords = np.linspace(0.,1.,ny_reg)

#get array index coordinates
ixcoords = np.interp(xcoords, xgrid, np.arange(len(xgrid)))
iycoords = np.interp(ycoords, ygrid, np.arange(len(ygrid)))

#create 2d grid and interpolate
ix,iy = np.meshgrid(ixcoords,iycoords)
points2d = np.vstack( (ix.flatten(),iy.flatten()) )
zgrid_reg = map_coordinates(zgrid_irreg, points2d, cval=np.NaN).reshape(ny_reg,nx_reg)

fig = plt.figure()
xp, yp = np.meshgrid(xgrid,ygrid)

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