Tuesday, August 12, 2014

parametrized Mandelbrot set boundary in python

I have recently written a script that plots the Mandelbrot set boundary to use it as a vector graphic in inkscape. Of course only a curve that converges towards the fractal boundary can be plotted but it looks pretty good. The code is based on the great website fraktal.republika.pl and uses something called a "jungreis" function that can map the unit circle to the Mandelbrot set boundary (see more on Wikipedia). Here is the code:
#!/usr/bin/env python

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

nstore = 3000  #cachesize should be more or less as high as the coefficients
betaF_cachedata = np.zeros( (nstore,nstore))
betaF_cachemask = np.zeros( (nstore,nstore),dtype=bool)
def betaF(n,m):
    This function was translated to python from
    It computes the Laurent series coefficients of the jungreis function
    that can then be used to map the unit circle to the Mandelbrot
    set boundary. The mapping of the unit circle can also
    be seen as a Fourier transform. 
    I added a very simple global caching array to speed it up
    global betaF_cachedata,betaF_cachemask

    if betaF_cachemask[n,m]:
        return betaF_cachedata[n,m]
    elif m==0:
        return 1.0
    elif ((n>0) and (m < nnn)):
        return 0.0
        value = 0.
        for k in range(nnn,m-nnn+1):
            value += betaF(n,k)*betaF(n,m-k)
        value = (betaF(n+1,m) - value - betaF(0,m-nnn))/2.0 
        betaF_cachedata[n,m] = value
        betaF_cachemask[n,m] = True
        return value

def main():
    #compute coefficients (reduce ncoeffs to make it faster)
    ncoeffs= 2400
    coeffs = np.zeros( (ncoeffs) )
    for m in range(ncoeffs):
        if m%100==0: print '%d/%d'%(m,ncoeffs)
        coeffs[m] = betaF(0,m+1)

    #map the unit circle  (cos(nt),sin(nt)) to the boundary
    npoints = 10000
    points = np.linspace(0,2*np.pi,npoints)
    xs     = np.zeros(npoints)
    ys     = np.zeros(npoints)
    xs = np.cos(points)
    ys = -np.sin(points)
    for ic,coeff in enumerate(coeffs):
        xs += coeff*np.cos(ic*points)
        ys += coeff*np.sin(ic*points)
    #plot the function

if __name__ == "__main__":

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